Wednesday, 4 May 2011

King Æthelred I of Wessex 865-871

Not to be confused with the later king Æthelred the Unready, Æthelred I of Wessex reigned between 865-871 AD. During his reign, Æthelred suffered multiple defeats to the Danes, including the Battle of Reading in 871.

King Æthelberht of Wessex 860-865 AD

Previously the under-king during his father, Æthelwulf's, trip to Rome. Following Æthelwulf's death in 860 AD, Æthelberht took the throne permanently until his own demise in 865 AD.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

King Æthelbald of Wessex 856-860 AD

King Æthelbald (roughly translated as 'Noble Bold') ruled until his death in 860 AD.

King Æthelwulf of Wessex 839-856 AD

Following Egberts death in 839 AD, King Æthelwulf of Wessex ruled over England until his death in 856 AD.

King Egbert of Wessex 802-839 AD

King Egbert of Wessex was the first monarch to take the English throne in 802 AD, after returning from the exile imposed on him by Offa of Mercia.

N.B. Offa of Mercia had previously ruled over England between 774-796 AD but a traditional list of monarchs begins with Egbert of Wessex.